M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

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On this page, students of the Master's in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy will find important information on questions that frequently arise during their studies. Find out about the examination regulations, the module handbook, the study structure and the master's thesis.

  • Examination regulations

    In the examination regulations you will find all regulations concerning your studies. These include examination deadlines, the number of possible examination repetitions, registration of the Master's thesis, etc.

    It can be found on the central pages of the university under Psychology. If you know the examination regulations, you can answer many questions yourself.

  • Module Handbook

    In the module handbook you will find all information on the contents and forms of examination of the individual courses and modules.

    Currently there are no files available.

  • Study Structure

    The study structure provides you with an overview of your studies – so that you can plan better.

  • Qualifying Activity III

    As part of the Master's program, you will complete two professional internships totaling 600 hours during Professional Qualifying Activity III (BQT III or in Module CI) in accordance with the requirements of the Licensing Regulations for Psychotherapists. 150 hours are allotted to outpatient care, 450 hours take place in inpatient or day-care settings. BQT III serves to acquire in-depth practical experience as well as application-oriented competencies in psychotherapeutic care. 

    Students are supervised in both professional practice settings by psychotherapists who have completed advanced training or by psychological psychotherapists or child and adolescent psychotherapists with the appropriate professional qualifications.

    You can find more information on professional qualification III here.

    The internship regulations can be found on the university's central pages under Psychology.

  • Master's Thesis

    What do I have to consider?

    • As preparation for the master's thesis, participation in ongoing research projects is an important part of your studies. As soon as it has been determined in which area you would like to write your master's thesis, you should contact a suitable subject representative to agree on a topic and the procedure. The focus here will likely be predominantly on psychotherapy research, although projects in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, clinical psychological diagnosis, or health psychology may also be available for selection.
    • Please note that the topic can only be issued by an approved examiner of the Department of Psychology at the University of Mannheim (usually the professor).
    • For the registration and admission of your master thesis you have to submit an application to your examiner. Your Master's thesis is officially registered and admitted as soon as the application has been signed by the examiner issuing the topic.
    • Please make sure that the names of all examiners are noted legibly and that the application is also signed by you.
    • The processing time is 6 months. The exact submission date for your Master's thesis will be noted on the application by the examiner.
    • Please send the completed application form to your administrator in the study office.
    • Your Master's thesis must be submitted by the submission date at the latest. The master's thesis must be submitted as a single copy. The submission can be made in electronic form as a PDF file or alternatively in printed form. Please clarify the preferred submission modality with the thesis examiners. In addition, the master's thesis can be published in the university library and thus made available to other students. The submission of a print copy for the University Library is voluntary. Therefore, a signed consent for publication must accompany this copy. The submission may be made along with the other copies or directly to the library areas.
    • An extension of the submission deadline by a maximum of two months may be requested once from the Examination Committee for good cause.
  • Additional informations for students

  • Examination Board

    The office of the examination boards of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities (ZPA) is responsible for processing the procedures of the examination board. As a student, please contact the ZPA to apply for an extension of the deadline (e.g. maximum study time, processing time of your master thesis).


You still have questions? We will be happy to advise you!

The program management will be happy to answer any academic questions you may have about the program (program content, course of study, etc.). For questions regarding the professional internships within the framework of the professional qualifying activity III, the internship management for the M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences is at your disposal. For questions concerning the organization of your studies (exams, grades, re-registration, leave of absence), the Office of Student Affairs II is your contact.

Dr. Anika Skotak

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