Double Degree Programs

Receive two international degrees with only one program of study

With our international double degree program in the master's program in Political Science (PolSci), you will spend half of your period of study at the University of Mannheim and half at one of our renowned partner universities abroad. You will receive two degrees: the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Political Science from the University of Mannheim and another international master's degree from the respective university abroad.

At a glance

  • Period of study: 4 semesters
  • Program structure: two semesters at the University of Mannheim and two semesters at the partner university
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Application: by 31 January of the first subject-specific semester
  • Tuition fees:
    • no tuition fees apply at our partner university in Italy

Three core competencies that you acquire:

International expertise
You will benefit from the strengths of both universities and thus broaden your professional horizon.

Intercultural experience
During your stay abroad you will learn about the partner country, its approach to science and research and its mindset.

International career opportunities
Studying in two different countries will familiarize you with the business culture of both countries and provide you with excellent prospects on the international labor market.

You can obtain a double degree at the following universities:

Università Bocconi, Italy

The double degree program of the University of Mannheim and the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi will help to strengthen your international profile. You will receive two degrees: the Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Mannheim and the Master of Science in Politics and Policy Analysis from the Università Bocconi.

Study Plan for students of the University of Mannheim

Study Plan for students of the Università Bocconi

FAQ Double Degree with the Università Bocconi

  • How do I apply?

    For Students from the Università Bocconi:

    Please apply at Bocconi university during your first year.

    For Students from the University of Mannheim:

    The application for the Double Degree is only possible after enrolment in Mannheim in the Master's program Political Science until the end of your first semester (January 31st). You can send your application together with other applications for the semester abroad and prioritize the university choices accordingly.

  • Which classes should I take?

    Università Bocconi students:

    In your first semester in Mannheim you will take the classes “Data and Measurement” (lecture + seminar), “Research Design” (lecture), “Advanced Topics in International Politics” (seminar) and “Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics” (seminar). 
    The Master thesis is part of the fourth semester, you can also take an optional colloquium as an accompanying course to your Master Thesis, which usually takes place once a week. You can discuss your thesis there with the supervisor and with fellow students. There is no thesis defence in Mannheim, but there is one at Bocconi University.

    University of Mannheim students:

    You should take all the scheduled courses for your first year here in Mannheim.

    Exception: the Module Advanced Quantitative Methods (scheduled for the second Semester) is not possible as part of the Double Degree, you can pick one of the courses in “Selected Topics in Comparative Politics” or in “Selected Topics in International Politics” instead.

    In your second year at Bocconi University, you need to take the classes “Public Administration & Welfare and Public Economics” and “Law and Policy Making” and two Electives. Also part of the curriculum are the seminar “Supplementary Curricular Activities” and one Behavioural Skills seminar, but also a mandatory internship during your second year at Bocconi in compliance with Bocconi rules. You will write, submit and defend your Thesis only at Bocconi university.

  • How do I register for the classes?

    For Students from Università Bocconi:

    You can register for courses via Portal 2, there is no deadline for registration and the number of places is not limited.

    Please note: the registration for the final exams is a different process and is only open during a certain time window, usually by mid Semester.

    For Students from the University of Mannheim:

    The registration process will be explained by Università Bocconi.

  • What about the Master Thesis and the defense of the Master Thesis?

    Università Bocconi students:

    You will write and submit your thesis in the second semester in Mannheim according to the guidelines of the University of Mannheim. There is no thesis defense in Mannheim, but there is a mandatory thesis defense at Bocconi University. The Master Thesis needs to be registered through this form, which must be sent to the Student Services. You have a maximum of 21 weeks for writing and submitting your thesis. There are also optional courses (colloquia) to accompany the thesis, which usually take place about once a week or depending on your arrangement with the supervisor. You will discuss there your thesis with the supervisor and other fellow students.

    University of Mannheim students:

    The Master Theisis is to be written and submitted according to the guidelines of Università Bocconi. There is a mandatory Thesis defense at Università Bocconi at one of the four available dates during the year: July, October, December or March.



  • When do I need to complete my internship?

    Università Bocconi students:

    Students from Università Bocconi complete their 10 weeks-internship according to the requirements of the Università Bocconi, the internship will then be transferred towards the Mannheim transcript of records during your time in Mannheim upon request at the Central Examination Committee (the internship needs to be listed in your Bocconi transcript).

    University of Mannheim students:

    Students from the University of Mannheim complete their internship of 6 weeks in Mannheim. In combination with the course “Selected Topics in Comparative Politics” or “Selected Topics in International Politics” the internship will be recognized as equivalent and transferred towards the Bocconi transcript.

  • Are there scholarships or other ways of financing?

    Our School offers unfortunately no scholarships. However, you can apply for an Erasmus or a DAAD scholarship.


  • How does the process of recognition work?

    Università Bocconi students:

    As soon as your grades from Bocconi are entered and you have an official Transcript of Records, you can submit the documents for recognition at the Central Examination Committee. You will need a form (please request it at the program manager via E-Mail and your official Transcript of Records.

    University of Mannheim students:

    You need a Learning Agreement. Please send your request for recognition before 31 July, it is a requisition that you are still enrolled in Mannheim at the time of the request. If the grade of your Master Thesis is not entered yet, you can submit a preliminary request. The Master Thesis defense can also take place later in the year (e.g. in October).