Mandatory Internship in the Master’s Program in Psychology

Internships are part of the curriculum in both the master’s program in Psychology: Work, Economy, Society and the master's program in Psychology: Cognitive and Clinical Psychology at the School of Social Sciences. You can create a mandatory internship certificate yourself via AretUM.

The Internship Office will help you find a suitable internship position and assist you in applying and preparing for it.

When and how long?


What’s next?

8 weeks/300 working hours

Completion of the internship in a field of psychology
  1. Write an internship report [German] 

  2. Fill in the Request for Recognition of Internship form

  3. Because of the current suspension of the lecture period please send the request form and the report together with proof of the internship (e.g. a copy of the internship certificate) as well as a declaration of authorship to:
    University of Mannheim
    School of Social Sciences – Dean's Office
    Mrs. Gesine Götze
    Building A – Room A 414
    68131 Mannheim

    or put in the letter box of the building L1,1.

  4. Send the internship documents as one merged PDF file via email at (file name: year_internship_documents_major_name_forename; e.g. 2021_internship_documents_MScPsych_Smith_John or 2021_internship_documents_MScPsych_Doe_Jane)

Ideally during the semester break

10 ECTS credits

Work experience gained before the start of the program can be recognized provided the relevant criteria are met


Work experience gained during the program (e.g. as a student assistant at a chair or research institution) can be recognized provided the relevant criteria are met

Submit the Request for Recognition of Student Assistant Positions form [German]Submit the request form to the program manager

The supervisor must have a degree in psychology (Dipl./B.Sc./M.Sc.)


Submit the Request for Approval [German] form if the supervisor does not have a degree in psychology or the internship is completed abroad

Important Documents

Career Prospects

What should I know about the mandatory internship? What can I do after I graduate? Find out here.

Internship and Job Database

The Internship Office pools vacant external and internal internship and student assistant positions for students at the School of Social Sciences.


Do you have any questions? We’re happy to advise you!

Students are welcome to contact the Internship Office if they have any questions on the mandatory internship, internships abroad, or their application documents. We also invite employers to send us any open internship positions at their company or institution.

Gesine Götze, M.A.

Gesine Götze, M.A. (she/her)

Internship Manager
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
A 5, 6
A5,6 Building A – Room A 413
68159 Mannheim
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