Studying a Minor in the Bachelor’s Program in Psychology

The minor allows you to branch out into another scientific discipline. Psychiatry and Business Administration are among the most popular subjects. Apart from that, there is a variety of other minors you can choose from, such as Informatics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, or Economic and Business Education. By taking one of these minor, you can tailor the program to your individual interests and acquire valuable skills that prepare you for your future career. The choice is up to you!

Please note: As the courses in the different minors are taught in German and require you to be proficient in German, the course titles provided in the tables below are also in German.


  • The program is designed for students to take courses in their minor in the fifth and sixth subject-specific semester. Please pay particular attention to whether the respective courses are offered in the fall or spring semester.
  • In your minor, you are required to attend courses worth at least 8 ECTS credits in total. You take a set combination of courses that has been specifically chosen by the program managers to give you a good impression of the respective subject. As a result, some minors may require you to obtain more than 8 ECTS credits. 
  • Registration is done via Portal². Registration periods depend on the respective school and may vary. Please note that you do not need to register for the courses in Business Administration and Economics, you can just show up for the first session.
  • You can complete your minor during your semester abroad, provided you discuss this with the program manager first.
  • It is possible to choose a subject as your minor that is not included in the examination regulations and not listed below. To do so, you need to send a request to the examination committee, in which you lay out the reasons for your choice. In this case, you need to contact the program managers of the respective subject yourself and discuss with them which courses you should take.


Do you have any more questions? We’re happy to advise you!

If you have any subject-specific questions regarding your degree program (course contents, program structure, stays abroad), don’t hesitate to contact our program managers. If you have any questions on organizing your studies (examinations, grades, re-registration, academic leave of absence), please contact the Student Services office II team.

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