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  • How can I register for courses?

    Registration for courses usually takes place prior to the semester start via Portal². Master's students can freely choose from all compulsory lectures and exercise courses as well as all elective seminars. Participation in each of the courses offered as part of the master's program in Sociology is guaranteed.


  • How can I register for exams?

    Each semester, you need to register online for those examinations you would like to take at the end of the lecture period. You will need to do so within a period defined by Student Services.
    Please note: The exam registration period falls within the lecture period, which means that you cannot register for your examinations via the Student Services’ campus management system before the lecture period starts. Each semester, the periods during which you can register for exams will be published on the Student Services’ website.
    Online registration is done via Portal².


  • When and where can I complete my research internship?

    A research internship is an integral part of the master's program. To obtain the required 6 ECTS credits, you must either:

    • complete a six-week internship at a social science research institution (academic or non-academic) or
    • attend a two-week summer school with an empirical focus on the social sciences.

    In case you work as a research assistant for one of the professors at the Department of Sociology or in a related field, your work may be recognized as an internship as well.

    Every student in the master's program in Sociology must write a report: guidelines for the internship report.

    For more information on this topic or if you have general questions about the internship or the summer school, please contact our Internship Office.

  • Can I go abroad without having to extend my studies?

    It is possible to spend a semester abroad and still complete your degree program within the standard period of study. In fact, we encourage you to go abroad during your studies.

    If you would like to have the courses and examinations you take at a university abroad recognized, please contact the program managers/departmental exchange coordinators before leaving. They will discuss the courses you plan to select with you. A Learning Agreement is required to make sure the credits you obtain abroad are recognized.

  • How do I apply for academic leave of absence?

    You can apply for leave of absence during your studies citing a valid reason (section 61 subsection 1 of the Act on Higher Education of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (LHG)). A valid reason for being granted an academic leave of absence is for example:

    • an internship,
    • a semester abroad
    • maternity leave / parental leave / parenting, or
    • health issues.

    The application must be filed before the semester it corresponds to begins. Further information can be obtained from Student Services.

  • Master's thesis and Master's Forum Day

  • How can I disenroll?

    If you have any questions on disenrollment, please contact the Student Services team.

    Disenrollment either happens

    • automatically at the end of the semester if a student has fulfilled all degree requirements, thereby completing the program, or
    • on request (completion of the program, transfer between universities during the semester).

    Please be aware that it may be favorable for you to remain enrolled until the semester ends, since this entitles you to a low-priced student health insurance plan, and your parents may continue to receive child benefit.


  • How can I enter the German labor market?

    The University of Mannheim wants to support you in preparing and planning your career. As part of the pilot project STEP by STEP, we offer workshops and information events to prepare you for your entry into the German labor market.

    STEP by STEP

  • How can I pursue a doctorate?

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