Graduation Ceremonies at the School of Social Sciences

Once a year in the summer, the Faculty of Social Sciences invites you to a festive graduation ceremony. All graduates who have completed or will soon complete their studies at the Faculty are cordially invited to attend. Together with their guests, they can toast the successful completion of their studies. As part of the festive ceremony, the best graduates will be honoured and prizes awarded.

Dates 2024
The farewell ceremony for Master's and doctoral students will take place on 27 June and for Bachelor's students on 28 June. Registered students will receive more detailed information by email at the end of April

Impressions from the Graduation Ceremony 2022


  • Who is entitled to attend the Graduation Ceremony?

    All students who have completed at least their fifth subject-specific semester at the time invitations are sent out and who are going to graduate in the current spring semester within the standard period of study or in the fall or spring semester of the following year at the latest are eligible to participate. 

    However, you will also be free to register for the ceremony next year if you complete your degree program in the following fall or spring semester.

  • Will I also be able to attend the graduation ceremony if I complete my degree program within the next two semesters?

    If you complete your degree program in the following fall or spring semester, you will be able to choose whether to participate in this year’s or next year’s ceremony.

  • How do I register for the graduation ceremony?

    All graduates of the School of Social Sciences who are in their fifth semester (bachelor’s program) or third semester (master’s program) will be invited to the graduation ceremony by e-mail no later than April. Students in advanced semesters who did not participate the previous year will of course be invited again.

    The invitation will include a link to register online. Registration and payment take place via a ticket system.

    Please contact us if you graduated last year and have not received an invitation by e-mail by the beginning of May.

  • How many guests am I allowed to bring?

    There is currently no limitation on the number of participants. You are invited to bring family and friends to the ceremony.

    However, you are requested to state the number of guests in your registration and purchase the appropriate number of tickets.

  • Will I receive my degree certificate at the graduation ceremony?

    During the ceremony, students will be awarded a decorative certificate by the dean.

    However, you will not receive the official degree certificate on that day. After you have successfully completed all examinations and coursework, you will receive the official degree certificate from Student Services.

  • Can I participate in the program?

    If you have a suggestion for the ceremony or would like to participate in the program yourself, please let us know!

    The two departmental student committees at our School also support us in organizing and carrying out the graduation ceremony.

    Every year, one graduate from each degree program gives a speech.


We would like to stay in touch with you and welcome your ideas and suggestions for the alumni relations efforts at our School.

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Team Alumni

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