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Graduation Ceremonies

You want to know more about the School’s graduation ceremonies? Or have you already graduated from university and would like to take a trip down memory lane? Click here for more information.

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What Our Alumni Say About Us

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If you study in Mannheim, you will not only become part of a close-knit network but also be trained to a high standard in methods, which the university has received international recognition for. By learning to think analytically and making a habit of handling large sets of data, I acquired skills that have proven to be extremely useful both for my job at a consultancy and my political career. Being a graduate of the University of Mannheim also sends out a positive signal to potential employers, as many of my job interviews have shown.

Dr. Jens Brandenburg, MP in the German Bundestag, B.A. and M.A. Political Science / Private photo
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During my studies, I learned how to familiarize myself with new topics, conduct targeted research, and present complex issues in a clear and succinct way. These skills helped me start a career in journalism. The practical experience I gained through extracurricular activities was essential for my success and more important than my grades. Studying at the University of Mannheim was a very positive experience. While I could always count on the university for support and guidance, the program allowed me to manage my time flexibly and independently.

Julia Lehmann, radio host and reporter at the Saarländischer Rundfunk, degree in Work and Organizational Psychology / Private photo
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Thanks to the quantitative focus of my studies and the combination of sociological theory with statistical methods, I was extremely well prepared to start a job in market research. I also had the opportunity to gain practical experience by participating in research projects at the university and other institutions as a student assistant, which helped me acquire useful skills for my professional career.

Daniel Eckert, Research Project Manager at Universum Communications (Stockholm, Sweden), B.A. and M.A. Sociology / Private photo
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If you're looking for a way to earn top grades and a degree with as little effort as possible, Mannheim is probably not the place for you. However, if you place great emphasis on an excellent study environment, reputable teachers, and a curriculum with an empirical focus, the University of Mannheim is definitely the right choice. Looking back, the program at the University of Mannheim struck exactly the right balance between effort and reward: Whereas your workload is relatively high compared with other universities, you get an outstanding academic education in return. Apart from that, you can benefit from excellent study conditions and an environment where students are welcome and where you can engage in all sorts of recreational activities, which is also an important factor.

Lena Geltenbort-Rost, Editor-in-Chief at PRIME PUBLIC MEDIA AG (publishing house specializing in medicine, Zurich, Switzerland), B.A. Political Science / Private photo


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