Information for Students with Psychology as a Minor

Do you study Psychology as a minor? We have compiled all relevant information for you on this page. If any questions have been left unanswered, please visit the subject-specific academic advising team.

Please note: the minor in Psychology is taught in German, so the documents listed on this page are only available in German.

    Academic advising

    Do you have any more questions? We’re happy to advise you!

    If you have any subject-specific questions regarding your minor in Psychology (course contents, program structure, stays abroad), don’t hesitate to contact our program managers. If you have any questions on organizing your studies in your minor (minor selection, examinations, grades, academic leave of absence), please contact the Student Services office II team.

    Leonie Cegla, M.Sc.

    Leonie Cegla, M.Sc. (she/her)

    Program Manager Psychology
    University of Mannheim
    School of Social Sciences
    A 5, 6
    Building A – Room A 419
    68159 Mannheim