School Management

The School of Social Sciences is essentially run by two bodies, the school board and the dean’s office. While the school board is the School’s governing body, the dean’s office is its executive arm that implements decisions and fulfills central management and administrative tasks.

School Board

The school board is headed by the dean. He is supported by two vice deans and a dean for student affairs, who are the spokespersons for the professors at their respective departments, so all three departments are equally represented. All members of the school board are elected by the school council; the vice deans and the dean for student affairs are professors at the School.

Prof. Dr. Michael Diehl
Prof. Dr. Thomas König
Vice Dean and Deputy Dean
Prof. Dr. Stefan Münzer
Vice Dean
  • Responsibilities of the School Board

    The school board governs the School. Among other things, it assigns teaching duties, supervises research and teaching, is in charge of funds, and regularly informs the school council about all relevant topics.

    Its responsibilities also include the following:

    • Developing strategic plans
    • Drawing up an (estimate) budget
    • Deciding on how to use the funds and employees assigned to the School by the President's Office
    • Proposing job descriptions for university teacher vacancies
    • Matters related to evaluation

Dean’s Office

The dean's office is the School’s central management and administrative unit and supports the Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology departments in research, teaching, and academic self-governance. It is also in charge of central tasks at the School, such as doctoral and habilitation processes.