Voluntary Services

Do you want to gain practical experience abroad or need support in finding the right profession? Are you looking for exchange opportunities with other young adults and professional guidance? Then a voluntary service is the right choice for you. As a rule, completing a voluntary service is possible for a period of six months or more, in the case of the European Solidarity Corps even for a minimum period of two months. Depending on your desired activity and favored region, various voluntary services are available.


  • Government-sponsored voluntary services include an educational program with seminars, insurance, pocket money and continued payment of child benefit.
  • It is recommended to apply at various institutions and for different programs (services usually start in summer).
  • Is the organization a member of an umbrella or professional association? Has the organization been certified by a “Quifd” seal of quality (quality in voluntary service)?
  • Obtain information on projects and locations:
    • What kinds of activities and tasks are waiting for me?
    • How many holidays do I have?
    • How many volunteers are involved in the project?
    • For how long have volunteers been in this project?
    • Has the organization visited the project? When?
    • Read the reports of former volunteers

Voluntary Services

For more information about the various ways to go abroad please visit the website RausvonZuhaus.

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