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Researching and Teaching Abroad

Stays abroad are essential for a stellar academic career. We therefore help you gain international experience and build international networks.

Teaching Abroad

With the Erasmus+ program of the EU, teachers can gain international experience very easily. This video explains the advantages of the Erasmus+ teaching mobility program. In the context of this program, the university grants funding to university teachers who want to teach at another European higher education institution for a certain period of time.



If you are interested in a teaching stay at one of our partner universities (outside Europe), you can contact the School and the International Office for more specific information and support.

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Erasmus Training Mobility

Funding is not only granted for teaching or research mobilities, but also for training mobilities at a European higher education institution.

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Planning Your Research Trip

The University of Mannheim will support you in your international research projects.

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International Conferences

Are you organizing an international conference in Mannheim or would you like to attend a conference abroad?

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Inviting International Researchers

This page contains comprehensive information on what to keep in mind when inviting international scholars to the University of Mannheim.