For First-year Students

You can find comprehensive information on the start of your Psychology program here:

The lecture period of the autumn/winter semester begins on 04 September 2023 (the events for first-semester students in the Bachelor of Psychology do not begin until the following week).

General information about the start of studies and the general information events can be found online.

Welcome to the School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim! I am delighted that you have chosen our university. You are about to enter a new stage of your life full of opportunities, but also challenges. The dean’s office of our School will provide you with services and support during your studies, from the beginning to the end. We hope you will make the most of your time here with lots of pleasant experiences to look back to. I wish you a great start at the university and in Mannheim and all the best for your studies!

Prof. Michael Diehl, dean of the School of Social Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at the School of Social Sciences. I’m happy to help you plan your studies. Please do not hesitate to approach either me, your teachers, or your departmental student representatives if you have any questions or if you encounter any problems. Make sure to contact us as early as possible! I wish you all the best for your studies, enjoy your time in Mannheim!

Leonie Cegla, program manager and academic advisor for Psychology

Orientation events

The subject-specific introductory events usually take place in the week before lectures begin. Specific information regarding the schedule of the orientation week and other introductory events will be updated soon. 

We strongly recommend you to take part in the orientation events.

We wish you a good start and all the best for your studies!

    Examination regulations, module catalog, degree plan

    B.Sc. in Psychology                                           M.Sc. in Psychology – Work, Economy and Society M.Sc. in Psychology – Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
    Examination regulationsExamination regulationsExamination regulations
    Module catalogModule catalogModule catalog

    Degree plan Variant I

    Degree plan Variant II

    Degree planDegree plan

    All documents are in German language.

    Services for students

    Do you have any more questions? We’re happy to advise you!

    If you have any subject-specific questions regarding your degree program (course contents, program structure, stays abroad), don’t hesitate to contact our program manager. If you have any questions on organizing your studies (enrollment, examinations, grades, re-registration, academic leave of absence), please contact the Student Services office II team.

    Program manager

    Leonie Cegla, M.Sc.

    Leonie Cegla, M.Sc.

    Program Manager Psychology
    University of Mannheim
    School of Social Sciences
    A 5, 6
    Building A – Room A 419
    68159 Mannheim