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Population Overwhelmingly in Favor of Coronavirus Tracing App
A tracing app could make an important contribution to containing the spread of the coronavirus. In a representative study with 1,000 participants, a team of social scientists from the University of Mannheim found out that an overwhelming majority of the population would be willing to install such an ...
Crisis Management Team and Federal Ministries Draw on Results of the Mannheim Corona Study
Since March 20, the “Mannheim Corona Study” has been examining on a daily basis how the current crisis is affecting the lives of people in Germany. The team headed by Mannheim data scientist Prof. Annelies Blom wants to provide decision-makers from politics and economy with sound data in order to ...
“If Social Distancing is Limited to Only a Certain Period of Time, We Can Get Through It”
The physical contact ban has changed people’s lives in Germany fundamentally. Social psychologist Dr. Jennifer Eck from the University of Mannheim was already researching the impact of social isolation before the coronavirus crisis began. Among other publications, she is co-editor of the anthology ...
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Data Obtained by Opinion Research Institutes Often Unreliable
In a recent study, an international research team with participation of Mannheim data scientist Prof. Annelies Blom has come to the conclusion that many polls taken by private electoral groups, opinion research institutes and market research institutes yield inaccurate results. It is a problem that ...
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