Dr. Jette Völker

Dr. Jette Völker

Akademische Mitarbeiterin
Universität Mannheim
Lehr­stuhl für Arbeits- und Organisations­psychologie
A 5, 6
Gebäudeteil C – Raum C 108
68159 Mannheim
Tel.: +49 621 181-2116
Fax: +49 621 181-2119
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  • Beruflicher Werdegang

    seit 10/2023 Akademische Mitarbeiterin (Postdoc), Arbeits- und Organisations­psychologie, Universität Mannheim
    10/2019 – 09/2023 Akademische Mitarbeiterin (Doktorandin), Arbeits- und Organisations­psychologie, Universität Mannheim
    08/2017 – 09/2019 Studentische Hilfskraft, Abteilung für Sozialpsychologie, Universität Ulm
    08/2018 – 10/2018 Praktikantin im Bereich Forschung und Entwicklung, HR Diagnostics AG, Stuttgart
    10/2016 – 07/2017 Werkstudentin, people-s-place GmbH, Ulm
    08/2016 – 10/2016 Praktikantin, people-s-place GmbH, Ulm
  • Akademischer Werdegang

    10/2019 – 10/2023 Promotion in Psychologie (Dr. rer. soc.), Universität Mannheim
    10/2017 – 09/2019 Master of Science, Psychologie (M.Sc.Psych.), Universität Ulm
    10/2014 – 09/2017 Bachelor of Science, Psychologie (B.Sc. Psych.), Universität Ulm
  • Publikationen

    Koch, T. J. S., Nesher Shoshan, H., Völker, J., & Sonnentag, S. (in press). Psychological detachment matters right after work: Engaging in physical exercise after stressful workdays. International Journal of Stress Management.

    Koch, T. J. S., Arnold, M., Völker, J., & Sonnentag, S. (2024). Eat healthy, feel better: Are differences in employees’ longitudinal healthy-eating trajectories reflected in better psychological well-being? Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being,Advance online publication. 

    Völker, J., Koch, T. J. S., Wiegelmann, M., & Sonnentag, S. (2024). Mind the misalignment: The moderating role of daily social sleep lag in employees’ recovery processes. Journal of Organizational Behavior,Advance online publication.

    Koch, T. J. S., Völker, J., & Sonnentag, S. (2023). Healthy and successful: Health-behavior goal striving in daily work life. Stress & Health, Advance online publication.

    Sonnentag, S., Kottwitz, M. U., Koch, T. J. S., & Völker, J. (2023). Enrichment and conflict between work and health behaviors: New scales for assessing how work relates to physical exercise and healthy eating. Occupational Health Science, 7, 251–296.

    Völker, J., Casper, A., Koch, T. J. S., & Sonnentag, S. (2023). It’s a match: The relevance of matching chronotypes for dual-earner couples’ daily recovery from work. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 28(3), 174–191.

    Völker, J., Kühnel, J., Feinäugle, F., & Barnes, C. M. (2023). Being robbed of an hour of sleep: The impact of the transition to daylight saving time on work engagement depends on employees’ chronotype. Sleep Health, 9(5), 579–586.

    Wiegelmann, M., Völker, J., & Sonnentag, S. (2023). Sleep has many faces: The interplay of sleep and work in predicting employees’ energetic state over the course of the day. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 28(1), 52–63.