Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology offers courses in the Bachelor and Master programs as well as PhD coures.

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  • Teaching in the bachelor's program

    In the L1 course of the Bachelor Program Psychology we provide an overview of the core topics in work and organizational psychology. Students can subsequently extend their knowledge in work and organizational psychology in two M courses (over the course of two semesters) or in three Q courses (over the course of three semesters). In the past semesters, M and Q courses covered topics such as “work and health”, “work motivation”, “leadership”, “personnel selection”, and “organizations in a global context”. The Q track offers one additional in-depth course on more specialized topics.

  • Teaching in the master's program

    In the Master's Program in Psychology (work, economy, and society) we offer a diverse set of courses. The course BD1 presents a broad range of topics in work and organizational psychology. Building on knowledge and skills acquired in a Psychology bachelor program, we cover timely research topics and trends, aiming at an in-depth understanding of relevant theories, empirical approaches, and applications. The BF1/BG1 courses address specific topics – often topics that are not (yet) well covered in text books. In the BF2/BG2 part of the module we offer a „Train-the-Trainer“ seminar that follows the behavior-modeling approach. In this course, students will develop a training program, will give a training course, and will subsequently evaluate the training. In another BF2/BG2 course we demonstrate the use of the diary method for intervention programs. Within the project module BE, we offer an empirical project, spanning two semesters. Students are planing an empirical study addressing a timely topic within work and organizational psychology. Usually, data collecting will take place in the field. 

Final theses

We offer supervision of empirical bachelor theses. In our group, students work on their bachelor thesis in small 4–6 person teams. Usually, the projects start in February and September. A registration with our secretariat is required.

We offer supervision of empirical master theses.

Subjects for Master Theses

Exams in the bachelor's program

The exam within the Module L is a written exam, taking place at the end of the autumn semester.

The exam within the Module M is a written exam, taking place at the end of the spring semester. 

The exam within the Module Q is a written exam, taking place at the end of the spring semester.

Literature for exam within the Modules M/Q

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sonnentag

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