At the Chair of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Aging,  we have a deadline for theses every semester in mid-November and mid-May, when possible topics are published here on this page. You can request a topic from the respective list for the following semester (November list -> supervision in the next spring semester, May list -> supervision in the next winter semester).

Application deadline for the upcoming semester (winter 24/25): May 15, 2024

For your request, please send us an e-mail to with the following information: 

  • Information about you (name, semester, when you would like to write your thesis, contact details)
  • Please name 2–3 topics (from the list) that you would prefer for your thesis. Please explain your preference in 2–3 sentences. 

After the deadline, you will receive a decision from us within a maximum of two weeks regarding the assignment of topics. After our notification, you have a maximum of one week to make a binding decision to write your thesis at our chair.
If you have any questions about the topics and/or the assignment process, please send us an e-mail (!

Possible topics for Bachelor's and Master's theses

Current list of topics for theses

Topic suggestions

Your own topics 
Do you have your own research question in the field of cognitive psychology that you would like to write your thesis on? In this case, you are also welcome to send us an e-mail to Please state the specific research question and, if already available, your hypotheses and ideas for the research paradigm. However, as we cannot guarantee you supervision, you are of course welcome to register for the topics advertised above.