Guest Lectures

You are cordially invited to participate in guest lectures by well-known scientists from Germany and abroad.

The guest lectures usually take place every thursday (during the semester) as part of our colloquium from 12:00 to 13:30, unless otherwise stated. The room can be taken from the information on the guest lectures.

  • 2023

    12.10.2023Lecture by Julie M. Bugg, Washington University St. Louis, USAThe transfer of memory-guided control near and far contexts

    Lecture by Marie Jakob, Universität Freiburg, Germany

    Testing the independence of processes within the dual process model of recognition memory
    21.09.2023Lecture by Jean-Paul Snijder, Universität Heidelberg, GermanyModeling internsive longitudinal behavioral data with dynamic structural equation models
    04.05.2023Lecture by Lisa Fazio, Vanderbilt University, USAMisinformation: Why is it a problem?
    02.03.2023Lecture by Katja Pollak, Universität Freiburg, GermanyThe diffusion model and its selective influence assumption
  • 2022

    06.10.2022Lecture by Asheley Landrum, Texas Tech University, USACritical or cynical? Some adults choose to distrust experts
    29.09.2022Lecture by Christian Unkelbach, Universität Köln, Germany

    Why do people believe false repeated information? Consequences for action and advice

    15.09.2022Lecture by Chris Donkin, LMU München, Germany

    Getting rid of bias in decision making

    24.03.2022Lecture by Miri Besken, Bilken University, Ankara, Turkey

    The Effects of Perceptual Fluency on Actual and Predicted Memory with Naturalistic and Complex Materials

    24.02.2022Lecture by Vanessa Loaiza, University of Essex, UK

    The Reciprocal Impacts of Working Memory and Long-Term Memory

  • 2019

    11.04.2019Lecture by Dr. Katarzyna Zawadzka, SWPS University, Polen 

    Metamemory in Context

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    28.03.2019Lecture by Dr. Thorsten Pachur, Max-Plank Institut für Bildungsforschung Berlin

    Aufmerksamkeitsprozesse bei Risikoentscheidungen: Eine Integration kognitiver und ökonomischer Ansätze

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    Lecture by Prof. Dr. Richard A. Chechile, Tufts University, Massachusetts

    and Prof. Dr. Michael D. Lee, University of California, Irvine

    Some advantages of the Bayesian Approach to MPT Model Estimation

    A Case Study in Using Bayesian Methods and MPTs to Understand Changes in Episodic Memory

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  • 2018

    25.10.2018Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rakoczy, Universität Göttingen

    The development of implicit and explicit Theory of Mind

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    11.10.2018Lecture by Prof. Dr. Patric Meyer, SRH Heidelberg

    Ein repräsentationaler Ansatz zum Verständnis mesiotemporaler Gedächtnisfunktionen

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    04.10.2018Lecture by Dr. Patrick Trotzke, Universität Duisburg-Essen

    Emotive und Kognitive Korrelate des pathologischen Kaufens

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    27.04.2018Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Universität von Amsterdam, NL

    Tip of the Iceberg? Revealing  Hidden Uncertainty in Cognitive Modeling

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    15.03.2018Lecture given by Dr. Josh Weller, Tilburg University, NL

    Who is a Risk Taker? Insights from Behavioral Decision-making and Individual Differences Research

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  • 2017

    05.10.2017Lecture by Prof. Dr. Markus Janczyk, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

    Identifying two different types of between-task crosstalk in dual-task situations

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    21.09.2017Lecture by Dr. André Aßfalg, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

    Default Reasoning with Conditional Inferences

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    23.03.2017Lecture by Dr. Siri-Maria Kamp, SRH Heidelberg und ZI Mannheim

    Mechanisms of human episodic memory: Insights from Event-related potentials

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  • 2016

    27.10.2016Lecture by Dr. Rita Silva, Universität Köln

    Trying to disentangle the contributions of conceptual and perceptual fluency to the truth effect

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    15.09.2016Lecture by Prof. Dr. Jochen Musch, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf

    Fußball, ein Glücksspiel? Zur Reliabilität von Spielergebnissen als Maß für die Spielstärke

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    02.06.2016Lecture by Sander Begeer, Phd, Free University of Amsterdam, NL

    Theory of Mind and Autism: Tests and Treatments

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    14.04.2016Lecture by Dora Matzke, University of Amsterdam, NL

    Bayesian Hierarchical Methods in Psychology: Two Case-Studies in Cognitive Modeling

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  • 2015

    04.-08.05.2015Lecture by Dr. Hartmut Blank, University of Portsmouth, UK

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