Completed B.Sc. Theses

  • Abdolaziz Hassan (2021): “Do older people remember positive events better than younger people?” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Désirée Nadine Schönung (2021): “Decay-Based Forgetting of Associative and Item Memory in Younger and Older Adults and the Impact of Sleep.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Annalena Kreischer (2021): “Influence of gender stereotypes on source monitoring. Conceptual replication and extension with multinomial processing tree modeling.” Supervisors: L. Wulff & B. Kuhlmann
  • Daniela Tananska (2020): “How about a good nights’ sleep? The relationship between sleep quality and source and item memory.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Eva Bütow (2020): “The Influence of Social Value on Recognition Memory.” Supervisors: L. Wulff, M. Schnürch & B. Kuhlmann
  • Elena Sophia Doll (2020): “Age Differences in Test-Format Adaptivity: The Role of Metacognitive Monitoring and Control.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Michelle Dörnte (2020): “The Relationship Between Cognitive Perspective Taking and Working Memory Across Adulthood.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Helena Horn (2020): “Trait-Like Stability of Schema-Based Source Guessing Across Two Paradigms?” Supervisors: L. Wulff & B. Kuhlmann
  • Valeriia Lebedieva (2020): “Foreign Language Effects on Episodic Memory Processes.” Supervisors: B. Kuhlmann & L. Nadarevic
  • Rebecca Emmert (2018): “Cueing Others' Memories: A Comparison Between Young and Older Adults.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Julia Lübbers (2017): “Age Differences in Adaption to an (Un)Expected Memory-Test Format.” Supervisors: J. Nicolai & B. Kuhlmann
  • Theresa Pfeiffer (2017): “Where Did We Meet Again? an Age-Group Comparison of Item and Source Forgetting With Continuous Recognition.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Nico Christopher Lindheimer (2017): “Stimulus Interference in Pathological Buying.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Sophia Stein (2015): “The Influence of Processing Fluency on Moral Judgments.” Supervisors: M. Kroneisen & B. Kuhlmann