Completed M.Sc. Theses

  • Antonia Schultze-Mosgau (2020): “Quantifying Product Similarity: A Neuroscientific Approach.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Julia Graßhof (2020): “Mentally always fitter in old age? Changes in cognitive performance in old age in Germany over time and the role of education.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Laura Götte (2019): “Model-Based Examination of Source Memory Deficits in Older Adults: Deficit in Storage And/Or Retrieval?“ Supervisors: B. Kuhlmann & N. Symeonidou
  • Saskia Höper (2019): “Cue-Reactivity and Pathological Buying Tendency: Assessment of Craving, Heart Rate and Skin Conductance.” Supervisors: J. Nicolai & B. Kuhlmann
  • Janna Dierolf (2019): “(Why) Does the Foreign Language Effect Appear in Moral Judgements?” Supervisors: L. Nadarevic & B. Kuhlmann
  • Monika Karola Hessemer (2018): “Are You Thinking What I Think You're Thinking?: An Investigation of the Effectiveness and Characteristics of Self-Generated Cues by and for Younger and Older Adults.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Hannah Böttcher (2018): “Why Being Bored If You Could Go Shopping Instead? – an Experimental Study About the Relationship Between Boredom, Pathological Buying and Impulsivity.” Supervisors: J. Nicolai & B. Kuhlmann
  • Jennifer Weber (2018): “An Eye-Tracking Study on Attentional Bias in Pathological Buying.” Supervisors: J. Nicolai & B. Kuhlmann
  • Lena Carolin Klein (2018): “Why You Would Push a Man From a Bridge – Causes of the Foreign Language Effect on Moral Judgements.” Supervisors: L. Nadarevic & B. Kuhlmann
  • Marcel Johannvorderbrüggen (2018): “Are You Already Thinking or Still Buying? a Research About the Relationship Between Hindsight Bias and Patological Buying.” Supervisors: J. Nicolai & B. Kuhlmann
  • Lisa-Marie Besse (2018): “Strategy Training of Metacognitive Recollection Monitoring in Older Adults.” Supervisors: B. Kuhlmann & M. Undorf
  • Kathrin Riesenegger (2018): “The Influence of Daydreaming about a Romantic Partner on Memory.” Supervisors: P. Delaney & B. Kuhlmann
  • Hendrik Hollatz (2017): “Thinking About Learning Processes: The Link Between Theories of Intelligence and Metamemory Beliefs.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Jennifer Panitz (2017): “The Influence of Perceptual Fluency on Metamemory Judgments.” Supervisor: B. Kuhlmann
  • Anna Kaiser (2016): “A Meta-Analysis of Selective Attention Deficits in Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer: Does the Task matter?” Supervisors: B. Kuhlmann & M. Bosnjak
  • Ina Lisa Knittel (2016): “Delayed Gratification in Pathological Buying.” Supervisors: J. Nicolai & B. Kuhlmann
  • Lisa Treiber (2016): „Development and Validation of Behavorial Indicators of the Big Five Personality Traits.“ Supervisors: D. Danner & B. Kuhlmann