Just published – Neuerscheinungen

neue Veröffentlichungen in einschlägigen Journals

  • Hahm, Hyeonho, David Hilpert, and Thomas König. 2023. Divided by Europe: affective polarisation in the context of European elections.  West European Politics 46.4 : 705–731.
  • König, Thomas, Nick Lin, and Thiago N. Silva. 2023. „Government dominance and the role of opposition in parliamentary democracies“. European Journal of Political Research 62.2 : 594–611.
  • Hahm, Hyeonho, David Hilpert, and Thomas König. 2023. Divided We Unite: The Nature of Partyism and the Role of Coalition Partnership in Europe. American Political Science Review : 1–19.
  • König, Thomas, and Guido Ropers.2022. How gendered is the peer-review process? A mixed-design analysis of reviewer feedback. PS: Political Science & Politics,55(1), 135–141. doi:10.1017/S1049096521000937.
  • KÖNIG, THOMAS, NICK LIN, XIAO LU, THIAGO N. SILVA, NIKOLETA YORDANOVA, and GALINA ZUDENKOVA. 2022. Agenda Control and Timing of Bill Initiation: A Temporal Perspective on Coalition Governance in Parliamentary Democracies. American Political Science Review,116(1), 231–248. doi:10.1017/S000305542100089.