Our main researches

Theory-practice-cooperation in order to professionalise (prospective) teachers in dealing with heterogeneity

Professionalisation of prospective teachers in dealing with heterogeneity is a great challenge for all participants of our educational and scientific system. We face this challenge in a practical and evidence-based manner. Prospective teachers gain competences in the field of educational diagnostic and in-service teachers are supported when it comes to the implementation of diagnostic-based differentiation in classrooms.

Projects: HEAT and VESPER

Study orientation

The reflexive study orientation is an important component of successfully completing academic studies. Here, it is important to compare one’s expectations of studying with the actual content and requirements. Our research group is engaged in identifying how study orientation can take place successfully.

Project: sMArt²

Migration and School

Equal opportunities are an important challenge in the educational system. One objective in this context is to ensure that children, regardless of their origin, have equal opportunities to develop their potential. Findings from large educational studies, such as PISA, show, however, that origin is still a decisive factor for success in the educational system. This raises the question of what is currently the situation of students with a migration background in German schools and what influence teachers have on potential disadvantages. We analyse the reasons for the different opportunities for participation in the educational system. From this, implications can be derived, on the one hand for teacher training and on the other hand for the design of a migration-sensitive teaching and school environment.

Projects: MITU and IAT