Assistant Professorship of Quality of Instruction in Heterogeneous Contexts

Prof. Dr. Karina Karst

Prof. Dr. Karina Karst

The research group “Quality of Instruction in Heterogeneous Contexts” (holder: Assistant Professor Dr. Karina Karst) mainly researches on heterogeneity as a contextual factor of educational achievement. On the part of the teachers, the research focuses on a professional handling of heterogeneity (through evidence orientation and reduction of stereotypes). On the part of the students, their attitudes towards heterogeneity (e.g. dealing with social diversity) are drawn into focus.

Within the scope of our project “HEAT”, findings get transferred into the course of studies “Bachelor/Master of Education” at the University of Mannheim and the practical work of our partner schools.

The research group at a glance


Associated Professorship

The Assistant Professorship is assosiated to the Chair of Psychology of Education under leadership of Prof. Dr. Stefan Münzer.


Prof. Dr. Karina Karst

Prof. Dr. Karina Karst

Apl. Professorship
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
A 5, 6
Building B – Room B 242
68159 Mannheim
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