Frederic Gerdon

Frederic Gerdon
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences

A 5, 6
Building B – Room B 227
68159 Mannheim
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Research Design (Tutorial) 3 Course details fall term
  • Research Interests

    • Impact of digitization on society (solidarity, inequality, political and social participation)
    • Political sociology
    • Social stratification research
    • Privacy research
  • Career

    Academic Career

    Frederic Gerdon is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Economic  
    and Social Sciences (GESS). He holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology  
    (minor in Political Science) from the Johannes Gutenberg University  
    Mainz (2013-2017) and a Master's degree in Sociology from the  
    University of Mannheim (2017-2019). Furthermore, he spent a study  
    semester at the University of Vienna, Austria.

    Currently, he is working on a project investigating the impact of  
    artificial intelligence (automated decision-making) on solidarity and  
    social inequality, drawing on real-life applications.

    Since his undergraduate studies, he has been working as a student  
    research assistant at three chairs, involving various projects on  
    social stratification, cultural sociology, international relations,  
    and survey methodology. In his Master's thesis, he conducted a  
    factorial survey experiment („vignette study“) to investigate the  
    context dependence of privacy norms, showing how the perceived  
    appropriateness of data transmissions may vary with the interaction of  
    situational characteristics (e.g. data type, recipient, and data use).

  • Publications