John Collins

John Collins

University of Mannheim
  • Research Interests

    • Quantitative methods in Social Sciences
    • Machine learning, AI and statistics
    • Software develompment applications to Social Science research
  • Career

    John ‘Jack’ Collins is a PhD Student in Sociology at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences. He holds a Bachelor’s of Sociology with Honours from the Australian National University. Jack has a Master’s degree in Data Science from James Cook University. His Master’s project was regarding predictive modelling for student attrition from sub-tertiary courses in Australia. During his Master’s studies, he also assisted in research projects regarding social attitudes and voting behaviour in Australia. Before starting PhD, Jack was a Senior IT Consultant specialising in data engineering, analytics and software development. Jack is interested in applying Data Science and IT to sociological research, particularly with regard to machine learning, analytics, and web applications.

  • Publications

    Currently there are no publications available for this list.

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