Frieder Rodewald, M.A.

Frieder Rodewald, M.A.

University of Mannheim
MZES/School of Social Sciences
A 5, 6
A5, 6
68159 Mannheim
  • Research Interests

    • Exploring innovative Data Types for Social Science
    • Computational Social Science and Text-As-Data Methods
    • Social Policy Analysis (esp. Long-Term Care Research)
  • Career

    Frieder is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences. Since June 2023, he works on the IAB-Smart project, exploring the possibilities of using smartphones for data collection in social science and labour market research. Frieder holds a European Master's in Labour Studies and Social Policy from the University of Bremen and the University of Milan. In his thesis, he showed how members of parliament shared a common understanding of long-term care based on their gender, age, or migration background. There, he exploited a novel method in text-as-data analysis to study 40 years of Bundestag speeches. During his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy (SOCIUM) in the ERC project “The Legacy of Colonialism” and as a tutor for Policial Science Research at the University of Tübingen. Frieder is interested in combining Computational Methods with Social Science Research, particularly in exploring diverse data types and their acquisition.

  • Publications

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