Research topics

On the following pages you can find information on the current research topics of the Department of Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy in collaboration with the Otto-Selz-Institute:

  • Emotional aspects in psychopathology
  • Risk perception and risk behaviour in emotional contexts
  • Cognitive distortions in emotional experience
  • Emotion regulation
  • Facial expression research
  • Shared decision making with patients
  • Generalization of fear stimuli
  • Interactions of multisensory (visual, auditory, tactile etc.) emotional stimuli
  • Mechanisms of change: ambulatory measurement during exposure therapy
  • Panic disorder and agoraphobia and their psychotherapeutic treatment processes
  • Social influence on emotional processing
  • Stress and image processing
  • Information on psychopathology online in the digital age and E-Health
  • Automated emotion recognition based on artificial intelligence
  • Gender differences in emotion processing and mental illness
  • Trauma and resilience in refugees
  • Emotion regulation and social anxiety
  • Respiration pattern variability and breathing training
  • Emerging, psychosocial care focussing on duty aftercare
  • Preservation and memorialization of the legacy of Prof. Dr. Otto Selz

If you are interested or have any questions on the individual topics, please contact Prof. Alpers or one of the members of staff.