The Department of Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as doctoral training. Enrolled students can find lecture, exercise and tutorial dates in Portal2.

  • Undergraduate modules

    In the Bachelor's Program in Psychology (B.Sc.), we offer a variety of lectures and seminars. Every student participates in lectures about biological and clinical psychology as well as a seminar which elaborates on a specific topic in biological psychology. Furthermore, students may choose to attend a tutorial which goes along with the lecture about biological psychology.

    Students who choose the clinical psychology track, may attend seminars about different topics in the field of clinical psychology. These seminars are about selected problems in clinical psychology such as eating or sleeping disorders or developmental disabilities.

    Prof. Dr. Alpers holds all the lectures while many of the seminars are led by academic research staff who are experts in the respective field.

    All enrolled students of the University of Mannheim can find an overview of all the offered classes in Portal2.

  • Postgraduate modules

    In the Master's Program in Psychology – Cognitive and Clinical Psychology (M.Sc.), the chair team offers many different seminars and lectures. For instance, lectures about different topics in clinical psychology.  By being able to select seminars according to their personal preferences, students can set their focus on areas that they are specifically interested in. Different problems in clinical psychology and psychotherapy or selected intervention methods are some of the topics of the seminars. To ensure a high practical relevance, the chair offers practical project seminars and case studies as well as practical training in conversational skills and intervention. Every semester, a colloquium, led by the chair team, is offered.

    Enrolled students of the University of Mannheim can find all the offered courses in Portal2.