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European Politics - Teaching concept

The Bachelor study programme in the module International Politics differentiates between International Relations and European Integration. The Programme starts with a general introductory lecture on International Politics, followed by two advanced lectures focusing on either International Relations or European Politics. The goal of the advanced study programme “European Politics” is to convey a scientific understanding of the functioning of the political system of the European Union and European Integration...


Service for Students

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EITM Summer Institute

The EITM Europe 2019 Summer Institute on New Developments in Survey Research provides an introduction to basic concepts as well as the most recent developments in research design diagnosis and survey research with a particular focus on causal inference and the design, analysis, and application of survey experiments.  The courses will be taught by leading scholars in four modules (plus a refresher course) from June 22 until July 5 at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino, Italy. EITM Europe 2019 is directed by Thomas König (University of Mannheim) in collaboration with Fabio Franchino (University of Milan). 

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