How do we decide what’s true or false? – Blog post of the Psychonomic Society

A blog post on a research paper by Lena Nadarevic and Edgar Erdfelder was published by the Psychonomic Society.

APS Rising Star Award for Monika Undorf

Dr. Monika Undorf has been selected as a Rising Star in the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Move to A5 and L13

The chair for cognitive psychology and individual differences (Prof. Erdfelder) has moved to the 2nd floor of the building A5, part C. The assistant professorship for cognitive psychology and cognitive ageing (Prof. Kuhlmann) is now located in L13, 15, 3rd floor.

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Full Professorship (W3) for Beatrice Kuhlmann

University of Mannheim has offered Prof. Dr. Beatrice Kuhlmann a full professorship

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BEETHOVEN grant connects Mannheim and Warsaw

Together with the Polish National Science Center, the German Research Foundation has awarded a BEETHOVEN grant to Prof. Dr. Beatrice Kuhlmann.

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Beatrice Kuhlmann at “scobel''

3sat broadcast on the subject of “mysterious forgetting”

Time to say Goodbye

Dr. Daniel Heck is going to leave our team on the first of October of 2019 to head the work group for Methodology of the Philipps-University Marburg. We congratulate Daniel Heck cordially for his appointment as professor and wish him success and happiness in his new position!

Successful dissertation defense of Yiqi Li

On Monday, August 26, 2019, our former colleague and CDSS doctoral student Yiqi Li successfully defended her dissertation entitled: “Visual search as a queueing process”. Congratulations Yiqi!

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7th place in mixed category of SRH Dämmer marathon

The Psycho3 Running Team scored a remarkable 7th place in the mixed category of this year's SRH Dämmer marathon. Many congratulations to the team!

APS Rising Star Award for Daniel Heck

Dr. Daniel Heck has been selected as a Rising Star in the Association for Psychological Science (APS).  APS Rising Stars reflect the best and brightest of young academics in psychological science whose innovative work has already advanced the field and shows great potential for their continued ...