The Psychonomic Society is hosting the OWCPS from now on
Kick-off on September 22nd
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Thank you to Prof. Dr. Meike Kroneisen!
We say goodbye to Prof. Dr. Meike Kroneisen whose substitute professorship at the University of Mannheim unfortunately ends after two years.
Talk by Lena Nadarevic at the German Online Lecture Series
Lecture series on the topic: Science and Power between Fake and Fact
Barbara Kreis has been awarded the “TeaP Selected Poster Award”
Barbara K. Kreis has been awarded the “TeaP Selected Poster Award” (3rd place) at this year’s conference of experimental psychologists (TeaP@Home) in Ulm, Germany. She received the price for her poster “Hindsight bias in the absence of outcome knowledge?” (together with Dr. Julia Groß and PD Dr. ...
One World Cognitive Psychology Seminar
Next series of lectures starting 9 March 2021
Research project on knowledge updating and memory
The German Research Foundation has awarded a research grant to Dr. Julia Groß and PD Dr. Thorsten Pachur
Honorary membership of the DGPs for Edgar Erdfelder
Prof. Dr. Edgar Erdfelder was appointed honorary member by the German Psychological Society (DGPs). The honorary membership is awarded by the executive committee of the DGPs to particularly deserving members. The DGPs is an association of psychologists working in research and teaching and aims to ...
Martin Irle Prize-2020 for Edgar Erdfelder
The German Psychological Society (DGPs) has awarded Prof. Dr. Edgar Erdfelder the Martin Irle-Prize 2020. The prize honors psychological scientists who, as mentors, have particularly enabled and motivated students, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral students to pursue a scientific career in ...
And the teaching award goes to...
Prof. Dr. Edgar Erdfelder received the teaching award of the student representatives of the psychology department. His lecture “J1: Differentielle Psychologie und Persönlichkeitspsychologie” received the award as the best lecture of the year 2019 /2020. Congratulations to Edgar Erdfelder and ...
Successful dissertation defense of Liliane Wulff
On Friday, May 29, 2020, Liliane Wulff, CDSS doctoral student and research assistant at the Chair of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Aging, successfully defended her dissertation. The title of her thesis is: “The Nature of Knowledge-Reliance in Source Guessing”. Congratulations Lili!