New Publication by Anna-Lena Hönig

Anna-Lena Hönig's analysis of civil society in Central Asia is part of the edited volume "Die politischen Systeme Zentralasiens. Interner Wandel, externe Akteure, regionale Kooperation [Central Asia’s Political Systems. Internal Change, External Actors, Regional Cooperation] (eds Jakob Lempp, ...

Foto: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft/Nikolaus Becker
Dr. Katrin Paula and Dr. Christian Gläßel receive awards for their research

Dr. Katrin Paula was awarded all three research prizes for young researchers in the social sciences at the University of Mannheim for her PhD research: She received the Lorenz-von-Stein Preis for the dissertation in the social sciences at the University of Mannheim. She was also awarded the prize ...

Cosima Meyer receives CDSS Young Scholar Award 2020

Cosima Meyer received the CDSS Young Scholar Award 2020 together with Dennis Hammerschmidt. The award is meant to honor exceptional ideas and achievements in doctoral research, and to support professional activities that advance the professionalization and networking of young scientists.  ...

Cosima Meyer receives Teaching Award

Cosima Meyer was awarded the CDSS Teaching Award for the second time. The award honors excellent teaching. Congratulations, Cosima!

Anna-Lena Hönig participates in DVPW Section International Relations' Conference

Anna-Lena Hönig chairs the panel "Micro-Dynamics of Protest and Repression" at the German Political Science Association (DVPW) Section International Relations Conference. The panel was co-organized by Roman Krtsch, Osnabrück University, and Anna-Lena Hönig.  

Fourth Workshop on Conflict Dynamics

Sabine Carey, Eline Drury Løvlien, Felix Olsowski, Christoph Steinert, Cosima Meyer, and Anna-Lena Hönig are participating in the fourth “Workshop on Conflict Dynamics”  held 28.09.-29.09.2020. The workshop is co-organized by Cosima Meyer (University of Mannheim), Anna-Lena Hönig (University of ...

Foto: de gruyter
Another award for Katrin Paula

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr Katrin Paula, former PhD student at the Chair, has received yet another prize for her PhD thesis “Micro-Dynamics of Mobilization: Evidence from the German Democratic Republic” - this time from the Foundation for Communication and Media Science! ...

Foto: Sabine Carey
Congratulations to Julia Semmelbeck

On 27 July 2020, Julia Semmelbeck successfully defended her doctoral dissertation "The Illicit Business of Terrorism". The examination committee consisted of Thomas Bräuninger, Sabine Carey, and Laura Dugan.

Foto: Jula Jacob
Cosima Meyer presents at Women in Data Science 2020

Cosima Meyer was invited to present her research and work in data science at Women in Data Science 2020, a global initiative to inspire and educate data scientists. The event was facilitated in collaboration with Stanford University, SAP Next-Gen, and the International Program in Survey and Data ...