The Chair of Political Science, Political Economy offers lectures and seminars in the B.A. / B.Ed. / M.Ed. Politik­wissenschaft, the M.A. Political Science and the Ph.D. program of the CDSS.

      Recent course offerings

    • B.A. / B.Ed. / M.Ed.

      • Einführung Vergleichende Regierungs­lehre
      • Wissenschaft­liches Arbeiten
      • Women in Politics
      • The Politics of Authoritarian Regimes
      • Social Choice and Democratic Institutions
      • Comparative Political Representation
      • Gender and Policy in Comparative Perspective
      • The Political Economy of Natural Resources: Curse or Blessing?
      • Origins and Economic Consequences of Authoritarianism
      • Kolloquium Vergleichende Regierungs­lehre / Internationale Beziehungen
      • Politikdidaktik
    • M.A. / Ph.D.

      • Maths Refresher
      • Game Theory
      • Game Theory II
      • Legislative Politics
      • Roll Call Voting: Theory, Methods and Applications