Completed Projects

  • Democracy Audit Mannheim (followed by the project Bürger und Demokratie in Baden-Württemberg) [read more]
  • Referendum 'Stuttgart 21' [read more]
  • Immigration and Voting Behaviour [read more]
  • Election Study Baden-Württemberg 2011 [read more]
  • PVS-Sonderheft 2012 “Wählen in Deutschland” (Hrsg. Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck)
  • Campaign Dynamics 2005. Mobilizing and Persuading Effects of Television News on Voters during the 2005 German General Election Campaign & Campaign Dynamics 2005 – A Rolling Cross-Section Panel Survey on the German Grand Election Campaign 2005. [read more]
  • A Study of Turnout at a Local Election: The Local Election 2004 in Duisburg, Northrhine-Westphalia