Hatice Dedetaș Şatır, M.Sc.

Akademische Mitarbeiterin
University of Mannheim
Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften
A 5, 6
Bauteil B – Room B 207
68159 Mannheim
  • Research

    Currently, I am interested in individual differences in map reading and navigation. Do cognitive styles affect people’s map reading strategies? Do their gaze patterns differ according to their cognitive style? Can one type of style enhance navigation skills? I am working on answering these kinds of questions. Before joining this team, I worked on the recognition memory paradigm for my master’s thesis. Specifically, I simulated and tested the prediction of a recognition memory model. During my bachelor studies, I worked on cued recall and investigated the effects of item properties (imageability and frequency of words and images) on cued recall. Also, during my internship at the University of Cambridge, I worked on a project in which we investigated the behavioral, cognitive, and neurological levels of infants’ play behavior.

  • Biographic Information

    In 2018, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Middle East Technical University. In the same department, I studied Master of Science in Cognitive Psychology where I also worked as Teaching Assistant for three years. After obtaining an M.Sc. degree in 2022, I started my Ph.D. in the Psychology track at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences (CDSS) of the University of Mannheim and joined the Psychology of Education Chair. 

  • Publications


    Dedetaş, H. & Kılıç, A. (December 2020). Çağrışım belleği üzerine bir gözden geçirme (A review on association memory). Türk Psikoloji Yazıları, 23(46), 17–28. doi:10.31828/tpy1301996120201001m000023

    Neale, D., Clackson, K., Georgieva, S., Dedetas, H., Scarpate, M., Wass, S. & Leong, V. (March, 2018). Toward a Neuroscientific Understanding of Play: A Dimensional Coding Framework for Analyzing Infant–Adult Play Patterns. Front. Psychol. 9(273). doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00273

    Conference Presentations

    Dedetaş, H., Yüksel, E. M., & Kılıç, A. (2019, Semptember). Madde özelliklerinin ipuçlu hatırlama üzerine etkisi. V. Experimental and Cognitive Psychology Symposium, İstanbul, Turkey

    Dedetaş, H., Yüksel, E. M., & Kılıç, A. (2018, November). Madde özelliklerinin ipuçlu hatırlama üzerine etkisi. 20. National Psychology Congress, Ankara, Turkey.

    Dedetaş, H., Candan, Y. Ö. N., Ceylan, E. H., Filiz, G., Yüksel, E. M., Mısırlısoy, M. (2018, November). Bağlam düzeyi uyumluluk oranı (BDUO) etkisi: Tekrar çalışması. 20. National Psychology Congress, Ankara, Turkey.

    Yüksel, E. M., Dedetaş, H., Poyraz, E. N. & Kılıç, A. (2017, September). Kelime özelliklerinin ipuçlu hatırlama üzerindeki etkisi. IV. Experimental and Cognitive Psychology Symposium, İzmir, Turkey