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At the moment, we're spending a lot of time at home again. An overview of the city marketing shows you how you can experience guided tours of Mannheim museums or music events from home.
IS 742: FSS 2021 - Topics and Schedule
Update on IS 742 for FSS 2021. Find more information here. If you are interested in starting the seminar earlier (after January 24), please contact us directly and we will discuss options individually. Please send your email to Karoline ( Event  ...
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Did you know that Mannheim has the second largest inland port in Germany? During a short walk over the bridge, you can see the harbor area from above.
Klausureinsicht HWS 2020 Grundlagen der Soziologie Ersttermin
Die Klausureinsicht für den Ersttermin der Klausur Grundlagen der Soziologie (Klausur vom 14.12.2020) findet am 27.01.2021 von 10:00 bis 11:00 Uhr online über Zoom statt. Zur Teilnahme an der Klausureinsicht müssen Sie vorab einen Timeslot vereinbaren. Bitte schreiben Sie dazu eine E-Mail mit der ...
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“Laissez-faire: Rethinking Leadership” — this is the motto of the first episode of the brand-new podcast “The Future is Now Now” by the alumni of the Bronnbach Scholarship.
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Lisa Bracher studies the bachelor’s program in Psychology in her fifth semester. She is an active member of the student initiative Green Office and the working group “Sustainability at the University of Mannheim“.
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Today, the new Corona decree by the Land of Baden-Württemberg goes into effect. What changes at our university and what remains the same? We have prepared an overview for you.
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New Website with Information on ENGAGE.EU
The University of Mannheim and six other European universities together make up the European University ENGAGE.EU. This week, a new website with information and news on ENGAGE.EU has gone online.
New book on Corporate Strategy by Prof. Dr. Brauer
In their quest for financial value creation, senior managers are asked to more closely consider broader environmental and societal interests. In their newly edited book “Corporate Strategy: Sustainable Value Creation in Multi-Business Firms”, forthcoming in early 2021 (Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag), ...
Seminar Topics for FSS 2021
The timeline and topics for the master seminar IS 752 in FSS 2021 are now online and can be found here.