Employment in the Early Phase of the Corona Crisis in Germany

In March 2020, the Corona crisis changed life in Germany suddenly and massively. The fear of the virus and the measures taken to contain the pandemic have deeply affected individuals’ lives.
The project examines the influence of the Corona crisis on the working population in Germany. Over a ten-week period (from 1st May to 10th July), a population-representative sample of persons living in private households was surveyed daily to collect data about their lives in times of Corona.

On this basis, the project analyses the weekly employment situation in Germany, integrating various social policy issues such as changes in work location and working from home, reconcilement of child care and employment, fear of unemployment, satisfaction with work and family life, working hours (short-time work), and infection protection at the work place.

For further information, please visit the project site at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research.