About the EITM Program

The EITM Europe Summer Institute thoroughly explores the relationship between formal models of politics and empirical research methods in political economy. The theoretical models addressed span game theory, spatial theory, public choice theories, agent-based and behavioral economics models as well as general equilibrium models. Empirical methods covered include inferential and Bayesian statistics, experimental and computational methods. The program aims to advance scholarship exhibiting more seamless integration of theoretical model development and empirical evaluation through a highly interactive training program. The summer institute is led by distinguished scholars from across the discipline working at the forefront of such empirical-theoretical integration.

What is EITM?

Established at the National Science Foundation, the EITM program focuses on the problems of testing theoretical models from a political economy perspective. The institute is designed for advanced graduate students and junior faculty.

Why EITM Europe?

Compared to other summer schools, which focus either on statistical training or the empirical study, the Summer Institute on the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) Europe offers training at the highest standard that advances the integration of theoretical model development and empirical evaluation.

Sponsoring Organizations

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