New publication in Social Science Computer Review
The Early Bird Catches the Worm! Setting a Deadline for Online Panel Recruitment Incentives by Friedel, Felderer, Krieger, Cornesse, & Blom
New publication in Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology
Split Questionnaire Designs for Online Surveys: The Impact of Module Construction on Imputation Quality by Axenfeld, Blom, Bruch, & Wolf
New publication in International Journal of Market Research
Measurement equivalence in probability and nonprobability online panels by Einarsson, Sakshaug, Cernat, Cornesse, & Blom
New pubication in Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences
Measurement instruments for fast and frequent data collection during the early phase of COVID-19 in Germany: reflections on the Mannheim Corona Study by Cornesse et al.
New publication in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
Mannheim Corona Study research group publishes paper on adapting probability-based online panel infrastructures during the pandemic. Open access publication.
New publication in Frontiers in Public Health
Prof. Blom publishes paper on mobility data collection together with Anne Elevelt (Statistics Netherlands) and Jan Karem Höhne (University of Duisburg). Open access publication.
New publication: Lack of Replication or Generalization? Cultural Values Explain a Question Wording Effect
Together with an international group of researchers Prof. Blom publishes another paper from the Multinational Study of Questionnaire Design.
Tobias Rettig, Bella Struminskaya, and Annelies Blom receive GOR poster award
Memory Effects in Online Panel Surveys: Investigating Respondents' Ability to Recall Responses from a Previous Panel Wave by Tobias Rettig, Bella Struminskaya, and Annelies Blom
New publication in Survey Methods: Insights from the Field
How does switching a Probability-Based Online Panel to a Smartphone-Optimized Design Affect Response Rates and Smartphone Use? By Barbara Felderer, Jessica M. E. Herzing, Christian Bruch, Ulrich Krieger, and Annelies G. Blom
Neue Publikation im Sammelband „Sozial­wissenschaft­liche Datenerhebung im digitalen Zeitalter“
„Inklusion von Menschen ohne Internet in zufalls­basierte Onlinepanel-Umfragen“ von Carina Cornesse und Ines Schaurer