Dr. Thomas Dyllick-Brenzinger

Dr. Thomas Dyllick-Brenzinger
Associate Lecturer
University of Mannheim
Chair of Social Psychology
A 5, 6
Building A – Room A 447
68159 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181–2037
Fax: +49 621 181- 2038
E-mail: thomas.dyllick
Consultation hour(s):
by appointment
  • Current position and academic background

    Current position

    Since 2021 Associate lecturer at the Chair of Social Psychology, University of Mannheim; lecturer of seminars for Bachelor and Master students of psychology and sociology and supervision of final theses
    Since 2013 Self-employed trainer at the Institute for Self-Management and Motivation Zurich (ISMZ), spin-off of the University of Zurich; lectures, workshops, seminars and train-the-trainer trainings on motivation, willpower, and personality development.

    Academic background

    2018 Doctorate in Psychology – topic of the dissertation: “Motto-Goals: Emotional and Motivational Effects in the Context of Unpleasant Obligations”
    2016–2020 Research assistant, Chair of Social Psychology, University of Mannheim
    2013–2016 Research assistant, Chair of Educational Psychology, University of Mannheim
    2012 Chair of Differential Psychology (research stay with Prof. Julius Kuhl), University of Osnabrück
    2010 Diploma in Psychology, University of Mannheim – topic of the diploma thesis: „Self-Compassion: Zusammenhang mit Schuld, Scham und erinnertem Erziehungsverhalten“
    2004–2010 Studies in Psychology, University of Mannheim and Örebro University, Schweden
    2003 Studies in Business Administration, University of Mannheim
  • Practical experience and further training

    Practical experience

    2013-today Lectures, workshops, seminars and train-the-trainer trainings on the Zurich resource model
    2011 Outpatient rehabilitation centre for psychosomatics and addiction diseases, Ludwigshafen; internship: diagnostics and guided leadership of group therapy sessions
    2008–2011 Ella Kensington AG, Zug, Switzerland – freelance work as licensed consultant
    2002–2003 Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Weinheim; civilian service: care of mentally ill people in a therapeutic dormitory

    Further training

    2015-today Baden-Württemberg Certificate for University Didactics
    2013-today Regular further training on methods and positive psychology
    2013-today Regular further training on the Zurich Resource Model
    2011–2013 Training as a trainer in the Zurich Resource Model at Maja Storch, Zurich
    2011 Motivational Interviewing training at the GK Quest Akademie, Heidelberg
    2006–2007 Consultant training at the Ella Kensington AG, Munich (Coaching und personality development)
    2007 Training as online mediator with Juripax at the University of Utrecht
  • Research projects and topics for final theses

    • Motto goals
    • Interventions to improve mental well-being (e.g. at the workplace)
    • Self-leadership 
    • Positive Psychology 
    • Self-compassion
    • Evaluation research
    • Zurich Resources Model
    • Emotion regulation
  • Publications and selection of scientific presentations


    • Dyllick, T.H. (under review). Motto-Ziele im digitalen Wandel: Befunde einer digitalisierten Intervention.
    • Bertrams, A., Dyllick, T.H., & Englert, C. (under review). German Adaptation of the Subjective Vitality Scales (SVS-G).
    • Dyllick, T. H. (2018). Turning Duty into Joy! Selbstregulation mit Motto-Zielen mit dem ZRM® Onlinetool. Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching, 25(2), 161–168. doi: 10.1007/s11613-018-0543-7

    Selection of scientific presentations

    • Dyllick, T. H. (2018). Das Motto-Ziele OnlineTool unter der Lupe. Poster und Vortrag auf dem 5. Internationalen Coaching-Kongress „Coaching meets Research“, Olten, Schweiz.
    • Dyllick, T. H. (2018). Energetisierung und Steigerung von positivem Affekt durch ein persönliches Motto-Ziel bei unangenehmen Pflichten. Vortrag auf dem 51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Frankfurt, Deutschland.
    • Dyllick, T. H. (2018). Turning Duty Into Joy! Emotionale und motivationale Effekte eines persönlichen Motto-Ziels. Vortrag auf der 3. Konferenz der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Positiv Psychologische Forschung, Bochum, Deutschland.
    • Dyllick, T. H., & Dickhäuser, D. (2017). Personal Metaphors as Emotional Resources: Boosting Positive Affect, Vitality and Feelings of Autonomy through Motto-goals during Exam Preparation. Vortrag auf dem 5th World Congress on Positive Psychology, Montréal, Kanada.
    • Dyllick, T. H., & Dickhäuser, D. (2016). Energetisierung und Steigerung von positivem Affekt und Autonomieerleben während der Prüfungsvorbereitung durch ein persönliches Motto-Ziel. Vortrag auf dem 36. Motivationspsychologischem Kolloquium, Erlangen, Deutschland.
    • Dyllick, T. H., & Dickhäuser, D. (2015). Turning duty into joy: Boosting positive affect and vitality regarding an unpleasant obligation through a personal motto-goal. Vortrag auf dem 6th SELF Kongress, Kiel, Deutschland.
    • Dyllick, T. H., Stahlberg, D., & Dickhäuser, D. (2013). Die Bedeutung des familiären Kontextes für Self-Compassion und emotionales Erleben nach Misserfolg. Vortrag auf der 14. Fachgruppentagung Pädagogische Psychologie, Hildesheim, Deutschland.
    • Dyllick, T. H. & Stahlberg, D. (2011). Self-Compassion: Zusammenhang mit Schuld, Scham und Erziehungsverhalten. Poster präsentiert an der 3. Tagung des Forschungsnetzwerks Achtsamkeit, Bern, Schweiz.