Lea Gärtner, M.A.

Lea Gärtner, M.A.
Academic and Project Staff Member
University of Mannheim
Chair Political Science, Political Psychology
A 5, 6 – Room 313
68159 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
by appointment
  • Academic and Professional Career

    Professional Career

    since 2017 Research Assistant at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) for the Project: German Longitudinal Election Study: Long- and Short-term Panel Studies (GLES)
    2015–2017 Student Research Assistant at the Collaborative Research Centre 884 “Political Economy of Reforms”, University of Mannheim
    2013–2014 Student Research Assistant at the Chair of Gesellschaftswissenschaften, Methoden der Qualitativen Empirischen Sozialforschung (Prof. Wagemann), Goethe-University Frankfurt

    Academic Career

    2015–2017 Master Programme Political Science, University of Mannheim
    2012–2015 Bachelor Programme Political Science, minor subject American Studies, Goethe-University Frankfurt
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

    Gärtner, Lea and Harald, Schoen. 2021. “Experiencing climate change: revisiting the role of local weather in affecting climate change awareness and related policy preferences”. Climatic Change 167, 31 (2021). Study. Replication Material.

    Gärtner, Lea, Konstantin Gavras and Harald Schoen. 2020.  “What tips the scales? Disentangling the mechanisms underlying post-electoral gains and losses in democratic support”. Electoral Studies. Volume 67. October 2020, 102210.  Study. Replication Material.

    Gärtner, Lea, Alexander Wuttke and Harald Schoen (in Press). “Who Talks and Who Listens? How Political Involvement Influences the Potential for Democratic Deliberation in Everyday Political Talk”. Journal of Deliberative Democracy. Pre-Print, Replication Material.

    Book Chapter

    Gärtner, Lea, Harald Schoen and Alexander Wuttke (in Press). „Ties That No Longer Bind? Effects and Responsiveness of Party Attachments in a Period of Crises“. in: The Changing German Voter, ed. Schmitt -Beck, Rüdiger; Roßteutscher, Sigrid; Schoen, Harald Weßels, Bernhard; Wolf, Christof, Cambridge University Press. pre-print, replication material.

    Gärtner, Lea and Alexander Wuttke. 2019. „Eingeschlossen in der Filter Bubble? Politische Kommunikationsnetzwerke im Wahlkampf“, in: Sigrid Roßteutscher, Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Harald Schoen, Bernhard Weßels, and Christof Wolf (eds.) Die Bundestagswahl 2017, Nomos, 101-112.

  • Conference Papers

    Gärtner, Lea, Alexander Wuttke, and Harald Schoen (2018): Who talks and who listens? Examining moderators of conversation effects on vote choice. [The Deliberative Quality of Communication Conference, MZES, Mannheim, 08. November 2018] more

    Manger, Lea, Alexander Wuttke, and Harald Schoen (2018): Dynamische Modellierung politischer Diskussionsnetzwerke. [Wahlstudientreffen DACH, Lausanne, 12. – 13. April 2018] more

    Manger, Lea, Alexander Wuttke, and Harald Schoen (2018): Dynamische Modellierung von politischen Diskussionsnetzwerken und ihr Einfluss auf das Wahlverhalten im Mehrparteiensystem. [Conference of the AK Wahlen zur Bundestagswahl 2017, WZB, Berlin, 24. – 25. May 2018] more