Lucas Lörch

Lucas Lörch
Doctoral Candidate
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
A 5, 6
Building B – Room B 207
68159 Mannheim
  • Research

    • music psychology
    • chunking
    • working memory
    • eye tracking
    • expertise

    My research resides in the intersection of cognitive psychology and music psychology. Using musicians as a sample, I study how visual information processing and working memory processes differ between experts and novices. Experts have the ability to recognize structure when they are confronted with material of their task domain in a memory test. Thereby, their memory performance improves. Moreover, experts can perceive information from their domain faster and more efficiently. These findings are the basis of my research, which provides new insights through the use of eye tracking technology and working memory tests. 

  • Biographic Information


    • 2009 Abitur in Hockenheim
    • 2013 Bachelor of Science (Psychologie) at the University of Mannheim
    • 2016 Master of Science (Psychologie) at the University of Mannheim
    • Since 2016 PhD student at the chair for educational psychology at the University of Mannheim


    I graduated from secondary school at the Carl-Friedrich Gauß Gymnasium in Hockenheim in 2009. Afterwards, I completed a one-year internship at a social institution for mentally and psychologically disabled adults. My task was to give the clients a feeling of safety through structured daily routines and to provide joy and meaning through activity. This work, the clients and their various clinical pattern sparked my interest for psychology.

    From 2010 to 2016 I completed my bachelor and master degrees in psychology at the University of Mannheim. Especially during my master courses I developed interest in research. I completed a research internship and then finally my master thesis at the chair for educational psychology. In this work, I studied how aspects of melody and notation influence eye movements and memory performance of music students.

    I continued this topic in my dissertation. I started to work as a scientific assistant at the chair for educational psychology in 2016. Initially, I worked in a project on spatial orientation and navigation. Since this project is completed, I focus solely on my work about perceptual and memory processes of musicians.

  • Publications


    Münzer, S., Lörch, L., & Frankenstein, J. (2019). Wayfinding and acquisition of spatial knowledge with navigation assistance. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Applied. Advance online publication.

    Krukar, J., Münzer, S., Lörch, L., Anacta, V. J., Fuest, S. & Schwering, A. (2018). Distinguishing Sketch Map Types: A Flexible Feature-Based Classification. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Tübingen, Germany


    Lörch, L. (2018). Acquisition of Survey Knowledge While Wayfinding With Navigation Assistance. Vortrag auf dem DGPs Kongress, 17.9. – 20.9.2018, Frankfurt a. M., Deutschland

    Lörch, L. (2017). The Influence of Tonality and Visual Display on Experts' Processing of Musical Notation. Lecture at Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), 26. – 29.03.2017, Dresden, Germany

    Lörch, L. (2017). Interindividuelle Unterschiede von visuellen Wahrnehmungsprozessen beim Lesen von Musiknoten. Lecture at GöMaEr et al. Treffen, 21. – 22.02.2017, Wuppertal, Germany


    Lörch, L. (2017). Reading music. How melody and notation influence musicians' eye movements, information processing and cognitive workload in a pattern-matching task. Poster auf der Konferenz “Music and Eye Tracking”, 17. – 18.08.2017, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

    Lörch, L. (2017). Reading music. How melody and notation influence musicians' eye movements, information processing and cognitive workload in a pattern-matching task. Poster auf der European Conference on Eye Movements, 21. – 24.08.2017, Wuppertal, Germany

    Lörch, L. (2017). Reaching your destination vs. knowing your way. First steps towards navigation devices that foster spatial learning. Poster auf der gemeinsamen Tagung der Fachgruppen Entwicklungspsychologie und pädagogische Psychologie, 11. – 14.09.2017, Münster, Germany

  • Teaching and Supervision of Bachelor theses and Master theses

    I offer courses in psychology and teacher education. Moreover, I supervise Bachelor and Master thesis in the area of cognitive music psychology.