Dr. Fabiola Reiber

Dr. Fabiola Reiber
Research Staff
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
L 13, 15 – Room 526
68161 Mannheim
  • Publications

    • Reiber, F., Bryce, D., & Ulrich, R. (2022). Self-protecting responses in randomized response designs: A survey on intimate partner violence during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. Sociological Methods and Research. Advance online publication.
    • Reiber, F., Pope, H., & Ulrich, R. (2023). Cheater Detection Using the Unrelated Question Model. Sociological Methods and Research, 52(1), 389–411.
    • Reiber, F., Schnuerch, M., & Ulrich, R. (2022). Improving the efficiency of surveys with randomized response models: A sequential approach based on curtailed sampling. Psychological Methods, 27(2), 198–211.
    • von Sobbe, L., Maienborn, C., Reiber, F., Scheifele, E., & Ulrich, R. (2021) Speed or duration? Effects of implicit stimulus attributes on perceived duration, Journal of Cognitive Psychology33(8), 877–898.