Dr. Frauke Steiger-White

Dr. Frauke Steiger-White
Post-Doctoral Researcher
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University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
L 13, 15-17 – Room 214
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
on parental leave
  • Research Interests

    • Mental illnesses, especially anxiety and post traumatic disorders
    • Practice-oriented teaching (especially the method of standardized patients)
    • Learning and neuronal mechanisms of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Academic and Professional Career

    Professional Career

    2019 Further education in group therapeutic methods
    2016 Licensed as a psychological psychotherapist (behavior therapy), ZPP Mannheim, Central Institute for Mental Health,
    2014-2016 Practical training as a psychological psychotherapist in the ZPP outpatient clinic, Mannheim
    2012-2013 Part II of training in psychological psychotherapy at the Institute of Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology (Prof. Herta Flor), Central Institute of Mental Health
    2011-2012 Part I of training in psychological psychotherapy, clinical practice: Central Institute for Mental Health, Addiction Outpatient Clinic, Addiction Ward (Prof. Tilmann Weber) and Gerontopsychiatry (Prof. Dr. Fröhlich)

    Academic Career

    2017 - present Research Assistant in the HAREBE Project at the Department of Biological and Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Prof. G. W. Alpers, University of Mannheim) and psychological psychotherapist at the University Outpatient Clinic of the Otto-Selz-Institute
    2016 Doctorate (Dr. sc. hum.) “Neural, behavioral and genetic correlates of learning and memory: Implications for the psychopathology of anxiety and trauma- and stress-related disorders” at the Medical Faculty of Mannheim at the University of Heidelberg, Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology (Prof. Herta Flor), Central Institute for Mental Health, Mannheim
    2010-2015 Research assistant, PhD Student, Institute of Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology (Prof. Herta Flor), Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim; SFB636-Project Research Focus: Posttraumatic stress disorder (conditioning, learning and memory) Participant of the SFB 636 Graduate Program Translational Neuroscience: Learning, Memory, and Brain Plasticity: Implications for Psychopathology (DFG)
    2009 Graduated in Psychology, University of Trier, Germany
    2008 Research assistant, Research Institute for Psychobiology, Department of Behavioural Genetics (Porf. Dr. Jobst Meyer)
    2003 to 2009 Studied Psychology (diploma), title of diploma thesis: “Coupling analysis of the candidate loci 11p12-13 and 15q23-25.3 in multiplex families with autism spectrum disorders”.
  • Publications and Conference Contributions


    • Flor, H., Steiger-White, F., Pohlack, S. T., Ruttorf, M., Witt, S. H., Rietschel, M., & Nees, F. (2016). Current stress levels modulate the effects of the Neuropeptide S receptor gene on emotional learning, anxiety and perceived stress in humans. International Journal of Psychophysiology, (108), 134-135.
    • Wicking, M., Steiger, F., Nees, F., Diener, S.J., Grimm, O., Ruttorf, M., Schad, L., Winkelmann, T., Wirtz, G., & Flor, H. Deficient fear extinction memory in posttraumatic stress disorder. Neurobiol Learn Mem (2016); 136:116-126.
    • Steiger, F., Nees, F., Wicking, M., Lang, S., & Flor, H. (2015). Behavioral and central correlates of contextual fear learning and contextual modulation of cued fear in posttraumatic stress disorder. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 98(3), 584-593. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2015.06.009
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    • Wicking, M., Nees, F., & Steiger, F. (2014). Neuropsychological measures of hippocampal function. In Szabo K., Hennerici M.G. (eds): The Hippocampus in Clinical Neuroscience. Front Neurol Neurosci. Basel, Karger, 2014, vol 34, pp 60-70, doi:10.1159/000356425