Back to Uni – Connecting and Studying on Campus

Finally (back) on campus – but how does that even work?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the everyday life of students completely. From one day to the next, students no longer studied on campus but from home. Now it is finally possible to return to a more normal student life. 

Therefore, the subject groups, the Dean's Office and the departmental representatives of the Faculty of Social Sciences have developed offers to make it easier for students to return to campus and study together. The focus is bringing students into contact with each other, studying together and supporting them in their everyday university life and academic work.

I am delighted to welcome our students back to the campus of the A5 building. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everyday university life, which has required a lot of strength and perseverance. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to take advantage of our additional offers in order to benefit from the personal exchange with your lecturers and fellow students that is now possible again.

The Dean – Prof. Dr. Michael Diehl / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

Offers of the departments, the departmental student representatives and the Dean's Office

Current offers of the departments, departmental student representatives and the Dean's Office can be found in the table below. The table is updated continuously as soon as there are new offers and events.

You are looking for study partners for a specific subject or topic? Then simply fill out the form, hand it in on Wednesdays at the Learning Café or send it to us by email to SOWI-Lerncafe We will contact you as soon as we have found your ideal study buddy!

  • Interdisciplinary offers

    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact person
    Lerncafé (Learning Café)

    The learning café is a place for personal and professional exchange among students – for getting to know fellow students, learning together, finding study groups and asking questions.

    more informationKatharina Werner & Nicole Gruber
  • Political Science

    Academic Writing and Working
    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact person
    Stata Support (BA)

    Online consultation with a student assistant for support in programming and data management with Stata for students of the B.A. Political Science

    more information 

    Sean Carey

    Lea Schultis

    R Clinic (MA)

    Online consultation for support in programming and data management with Stata for students of the M.A. Political Science

    more informationOliver Rittmann
  • Psychology

    Preparatory course
    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact person
    Preparatory mathematics course for first year bachelor students (B.Sc. Psychology)

    Offer for first year bachelor students (B.Sc. Psychology) to expand mathematical knowledge from high school

    more information 

    Lasse Elsemüller

    Academic Writing and Working, Academic and Study competences
    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact person
    Writing and revising term papers and theses

    Weekly writing workshop with inputs and tips on the academic writing process and with guided peer feedback. The event is aimed at students in the Bachelor and Master Psychology who are writing their thesis or a term paper in the field of (educational or) educational psychology and would like guidance, feedback and tips on the writing process. The course will be held in German.

    more informationMerle Thielmann
    Support for statistical analyses in R

    Online-Consultation/support with two student assistants for data analysis and the use of R

    more informationProfessor Meiser 
    OfferDescriptionmore informationContact person
    MentoringPersonal counselling and mentoring for education students with general and personal questionsmore informationFrank Schaller
  • Sociology

  • Departmental student representatives

    Fachschaft SoPo (Sociology/Political Science)
    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact

    STATA und R Support

    Support for data analysis in STATA and RMore informationstata
    Past events
    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact
    Essay-WorkshopSupport with term papers and essaysMore informationinfo
    Fachschaft Psychology
    OfferDescriptionMore informationContact

    Weekend (Learning-Retreat) for students of the 4th semester (B.Sc. Psychologie)

    More informationfspsycho



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Katharina Werner

Katharina Werner

Student Assistant learning café
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School of Social Sciences
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