Research - Pro-Government Militias Teaching Team


Presentations at the EPSA Conference 2016

Belén González presenting at SFB workshop

Sabine Carey on new APSR editorial team

Anita Gohdes receives prize for her doctoral thesis

Sabine Carey gives talk about terrorism

Katrin Paula presenting at the University of Exeter

ALUM Global Migration Initiative 2016 Simulation – From Migration Crisis to Migration Governance

Lilli Banholzer in Mannheimer Morgen

Belén González at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Sabine Carey participating at LSE workshop on state violence

Sabine Carey giving a talk at University College London

Anna-Lena Hönig participating in fieldwork methodology workshop at PRIO

Adam Scharpf presenting at Yale University

Sabine Carey presenting at the “Kinder-Uni”

Anna-Lena Hönig presenting at the Research School on Peace and Conflict Symposium

Christian Gläßel presenting at the MPSA Conference

Upcoming Conference Presentations at the ISA

Adam Scharpf presenting at the 48. AFK-Kolloquium

Sabine Carey on Landesschau Aktuell Rheinland-Pfalz

Policy brief on Pro-Government militias, human rights abuses and the ambiguous role of foreign aid

Anna-Lena Hönig member of the Research School on Peace and Conflict at PRIO

New paper on pro-government militias and civil war

New publication by Belén González

Former MA student Alexander Kustov published his first article

A new typology of pro-government militias

Congratulations to Mascha and Daniel

Julia Semmelbeck presenting at the Illicit Networks Workshop in Montreal

Belén González contributed to Archigos 4.0 dataset

Guest post on why it is a bad idea for governments to collaborate with militias

New website for the ERC Project “RATE”

Anita Gohdes receives Deutscher Studienpreis 2015

New publication by Sabine Carey

Sabine Carey joins the ISA Nominating Committee




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Our research focuses primarily on the empirical analysis of various aspects of violent conflict, human rights violations, terrorism, and counterinsurgencies. We place particular emphasis on the role of actors, such as pro-government militias, and the link between governance and repression, including aspects of democratization. Most of our work is supported by an ERC Grant on “Repression and the Escalation of Violence”.


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The research focus of this chair is reflected in the courses it offers to BA, MA and PhD students. Key courses consist of introductions to international relations and courses on various aspects of political violence.

Our former students have continued their studies at prestigious institutions in Europe and the US, have received prizes for their work and published their dissertations in international outlets.

TeachingWe also teach courses on conflict studies, democratisation and African politics. In our teaching we incorporate a variety of teaching methods, including field trips and film events and inviting guest speakers on specific topics.

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